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Network Security Solutions


Some say that a network is only truly secure if it is disconnected from everything – not much of a network.  However, the idea that network security is a balancing act between providing access and preventing access is true.  Our objective, when helping clients define and implement their security policy, is to make the network secure but appropriately accessible for authorized users.

We can design, implement, monitor and repair your network infrastructure including the following components:


Security Foundation including:
Wireless Encryption
Malware Management including
Web Filtering
Web Proxy AV
Secure Access including
Network VPN
Remote User SSL VPN
Network Access Control
Advanced Protection including
Two-party Authentication

A security policy is more than a set of rules put in place.  It is a combination of those rules and the review of security events and adjustment of the rules to address new threats and new business requirements.  Maintaining a secure network is an ongoing process.

We provide services to help you move through the cycle of protecting your network.

Specific Services available include:

  • Firewall Management Service – complete management of your firewall for a fixed annual price.
  • Rule Base Analysis – to make sure it is doing what you want it to do
  • Vulnerability Assessment – including a port scan and password
  • SPAM and Virus Filtering – so that you only get the emails you want
  • Remote Access Design – for controlled employee, partner and customer access


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