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Other than the Internet, there has been no bigger change to the way we do business than Mobility and Secure Remote Access.  This enables the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allowing business employees to work from anywhere at any time.

The opportunities are endless – to save money and gain effectiveness through work at home arrangements, to stay connected with all forms of communication when traveling and to provide flexibility for on-campus mobility while still taking calls.

Best-in-class companies are providing their business units with the tools necessary to be successful.  We can help you provide those tools.  

  • Wireless phones in office – from simple DECT wireless phone connectivity to mobile phones that use an integrated WiFi 802.11a/g/n network
  • Mobile extension features – to ring cell phones and office extensions simultaneously and allow the cell to have office extension feature access.  Unanswered calls are returned to the corporate voicemail.
  • Teleworker phones – that operate over the Internet to provide a full-functioning office extension at a remote location.
  • Hot-desking for hotelling work environments – allow transient workers “take up residence” in a hotelling workspace and have the phone take on the characteristics of their normal extension.
  • SSL-based Virtual Private Networking (VPN) – provides secure granular access to corporate network resources without the need for a pre-installed client.
  • Remote Client Acceleration – produces a remote user experience that is near office-level performance.
  • Mobile Phone Applications – including delivery of unified messages and presence participation enable an “always connected” work environment for workers on the move.
  • Media Conversions – automated reading of emails over the phone using Text-to-Speech and converting voicemails to text with Speech to Text allow workers to be most effective.

Best of all, these capabilities are available today, and we can demonstrate them at work in our office.

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