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Partnering is a key ingredient in what we do at SunTel Services so that we may provide our customers with the latest technologies that meet the needs of their business.  Many times our relationships with our customers start with the involvement of one of our partners.  Our Technology Committee looks for the following criteria when we choose our partners:
  • Technological leadership – are they recognized for the quality, performance and functionality of their products?
  • Stewardship of their Customers – have they protected the investment of customers in their products as they have grown in functionality?
  • Strong support of partners and customers – do they have the right processes, skills and attitude to support our customers directly or though us?
  • Cost effective solutions – is the total cost of ownership of their solution in line with the functionality and benefits?  This may at times not be the cheapest “price on the box”.
  • Significant relationship opportunity – can we have a significant relationship with their management team?  We want access to make sure the concerns of our customers are being addressed when needed.
  • Complementary to other offerings – do their products work well with our other products, and can they mesh with the skill sets of our people?


Now a part of the CBTS family, SunTel has relationships with 200+ partners across the IT landscape.  See how CBTS has the flexibility to help our clients reach their specific business goals through the breadth and depth of technology partnerships we hold.  

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